Play Your Part: Together We Can Beat the Coronavirus

03 May 2020 | 13:37:35

Amid the breakout of COVID-19, more commonly referred to as the Coronavirus, many have speculated as to the breadth and width of the virus, as well as the consequences it affords. Given the medical industry and governments worldwide assiduously working to combat the virus, those all of us new to the concept of self-quarantine find ourselves in a situation of impending uncertainty. Worry not, we can play our part in fighting the pandemic. The simplest and most effective role you can play is to stop or slow down the spread of the virus. Here are some pivotal steps that we should all adhere to in order to play your part.


This may sound like a big word, but it remains a simple concept that we can follow. Self-quarantine advocates that we stay at home due to the highly contagious nature of the virus. It is vital that we stay indoors in any and every circumstance and delay our public endeavors for the time being. Simply put, health over anything and everything. Not only will this provide us with the much-needed security regarding our own health, but it will also buy scientists and researchers the time needed to discover the vaccine. You might not realize this, but you staying at home might save a life. Yes! COVID-19 spreads rapidly, clinging to hosts left, right and center. Staying home will limit hosts. By limiting hosts, we are preventing large spikes in infected individuals, thereby “flattening the curve.” This allows our healthcare system to safely and adequately treat those affected, without inundating hospitals and exceeding available capacity.

Many of us find ourselves complaining daily after waking up at seven in the morning about going to school or work. Well, now is our golden moment. Sleep in and stay in.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Now, you may feel like a toddler being urged by parents to “wash your hands,” but this is serious. Our personal hygiene matters right now more than ever. Regularly and thoroughly cleaning our hands with warm soap and water for 30 seconds per wash will kill viruses that have taken residence on our hands. While not quite as effective, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is also helpful.

Avoid Touching Eyes, Nose and Mouth

Our hands are the main instruments we use to partake in everyday work, meaning they are exposed to all kinds of possible viruses and bacterium. Exposure to your eyes, nose, and mouth allows these viruses to enter our bodies and get to work. It’s important that we sanitize your hands before touching our face.

Practice Respiratory Hygiene

Respiratory Hygiene refers to covering your mouth and nose when we cough or sneeze. This is important as droplets from coughing and sneezing can quickly spread the virus. To ensure we don’t cause the spread any further, we must maintain a high level of general and respiratory hygiene. Also, regardless of the virus, it is a common courtesy to do so.

Follow Instructions from Local Health Department and the CDC in case of Symptoms

Coronavirus symptoms include a dry cough, fever, difficulty breathing and tiredness. If you find yourself with such symptoms, it is important that you follow the instructions of your state and local health departments and the CDC. This will vary by state, as many states have established hotlines to call and consult with prior to seeking in-person medical care. This is to prevent those who do not have the virus from exposing themselves to the virus in medical facilities. It also ensures that our healthcare system is not overburdened with individuals who are experiencing only mild symptoms.

Respect Others

This is perhaps the most undervalued thing we can do. Currently, social attitudes towards the virus vary greatly. It is important that we come to a consensus of social compromise. We must respect the attitude and decisions of others regarding the virus. When we must go out in public, respect others by social distancing and allowing at least six feet between ourselves and others. All in all, remain in high spirits and help those around you during this troublesome and testing time for the world.

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