5 Ways to Make Money with Rentmoe

11 Jun 2020 | 11:28:26

We all buy a plethora of things in our lifetimes and most of those things are only for a special occasion or a particular purpose. And it is not every day we have to use those items; like the expensive camera you bought to capture memorable moments during a vacation or the incredibly loud speakers you bought for a party. Thus, most of them rot away in dark closets of your house without being of much use.

Why not put them to good use and make money off them while retaining ownership?

Rentmoe is an online sharing economy marketplace that allows you to make money by renting your items via a secure and insured way to ensure that your items are protected and undamaged. 

Rent with Rentmoe and Make Money off your unused items!

With Rentmoe, you can make money off your rarely used possessions in 5 following ways:

  1. Renting clothing items

If you have a dress that is a little too fancy to be worn regularly or maybe appropriate for a special occasion only?

Rent with Rentmoe!

 One of the ways in which you can earn money with Rentmoe is by sharing your clothing items. With Rentmoe individuals and professional lenders can reach out to consumers looking for renting event dresses ranging from wedding dresses to party wear to formal dresses and easily make money. Moreover, if you own a clothing line and want to expand your reach, with Rentmoe you can brand your fashion line by renting to consumers and make money before customers make the final purchase.

     2. Renting Transportation

A lot of people rent cars and other vehicles when they travel to other cities or plan a long road trip. At Rentmoe you can list any vehicle you own, rent it to interested renters and make money.
If you run a business of renting limousine for special events, you may list your limousines at Rentmoe, reach more people online and make money. Moreover, if you are in possession of trucks or large vehicles mostly used for delivering goods then through Rentmoe you can readily offer moving services to users, expand your business’s reach and make more money.    

With Rentmoe you can sit at home while you make cash!

It is entirely up to you for how long you would want to rent, a day, a week or for a complete month

  3. Renting Camera and Kit

You may own a Drone, an expensive Camera or a tripod stand which you may not use regularly owing to your busy schedule but are reluctant to sell it.

In that case, Rent with Rentmoe!

It is not every day that you need your camera and its related gear. You can easily earn money by renting your cameras and its kit via Rentmoe.

  4. Renting Space

Another way you can make money with Rentmoe is by renting an available room in your house or apartment to other users. Did you ever think that your garage or backyard which you seldom use could be a source of money for you?

Rent with Rentmoe

Rent your backyard or lawn with someone looking to have a BBQ or rent your garage to a band looking for a place to jam. If you have space and anyone needs it, Rentmoe helps you make money through it.

 5. Renting Outdoor sports Items

Remember the bicycle you bought for your daily commute and exercise but not in use now, or the skis you own but haven’t used since a long time?

Rent with Rentmoe!

At Rentmoe you can list all your outdoor sports items like bicycle, snowboard, surfboard and skis, that have been relegated to the closet in your house, and easily make money.

Rentmoe and its sharing economy have opened up a number of avenues for you to make money using things you already own.

Don’t just rarely use the items you own, use them to make money for yourself and Rent with Rentmoe!    


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