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11 Jun 2020 | 11:31:00

Enrich your day with favorite items for the day

How often are you able to manage your daily chores? It’s a struggle to find time to do laundry sometimes, right?  If you are unable to maintain a healthy regime of day to day survival, then how do you think our economy is holding up? With the economy swinging like a pendulum, it doesn't look so good now does it? But with changing tactics, the business sector is ever-evolving which has been helpful in ways of employment. Likewise, the rental service industry is ever-growing since the recession.
The e-commerce industry is thriving by the hour, and surprisingly people are more open to the idea of renting than they were used to before. Let's say (hypothetically of course) 45% of people are focusing on planning smarter ways to earn by renting items. Who knew you could earn and rent at the same time?

One and only Rentmoe – Your Knight in the Shining Armor

Is it smart to let go of such items to waste that could be used by someone else at a negotiable rate? OR,

Are you tired of keeping a storage place and paying tax needlessly over those items?

Rent away, Right Away with Rentmoe (Colored)

Let's bridge the gap

At this point in life, it's all about moving smartly and not thinking twice over a decision over rent-in or rent-out products.

Therefore, Rentmoe acts as the bridge to fill in the gap on both sides i.e. helping the prospect renter and the customer who needs renting products.

 Rentmoe unites individuals under its roof to be able to capitalize money with their everyday items (now that’s the real deal!), unused or resting in peace otherwise. So why not make use out of those items that are sitting idle in your home or garage? If you are tired of sitting idle and want a way to earn a squeeze of some drop of the green from an old couch seat or an impaired glasses, you can avail this rentsome opportunity to make the most of it.

Rentmoe is the rightful platform where you can connect with the right people looking to rent out items for their short term needs and you can negotiate the terms with ease and as a customer, if you do not like the item, you can always return it according to the terms and conditions. You can rent out items such as;

  • Paper products
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Books and media
  • Video games
  • Musical instruments
  • Clothing and many other to add to your cart list

We always act like busy bees, and the demand for renting items is a potential business treat for many of you. With prices soaring up, it’s far easier to rent an item and use it for the required time. Effective and efficient means are the ways to take care of your needs. So do it the Rentmoe way.

Trusting a platform that allows you to list your products to rent is always a huge deal for everyone, one moment you are a happy customer and the next moment it's rainy cold day moment, you surely don’t want, right?

So why not be the reason to add a little spoon of satisfaction to people who are looking to rent items?

Rentmoe is a drop of lemon to your cup of tea!

With lots of fish in the sea, baiting you with their eye candy deals, so what will make you go for a specific service? There's nothing obvious on the outside, but the inside view is a whole different thing;

  • Finding two better halves

Matchmaking is exciting; bringing two people closer for the potential renting is like a sunny day. With a one-stop solution, you can't ignore how fantastic Rentmoe can be! When you do approach this platform to look for rented options, with a no nuisance deal whatsoever, be assured you are in safe hands. So even if you want brilliant musical instruments for the rehearsal dinner or even a deck, you will find Rentmoe standing right next to you.

  • Rentsome experience is for all

What’s with all the non-insured policy you keep poking your nose at? It can get frustrating for you if a client returns your item in a poor depreciated state (so not cool). So there is one thing that will keep your rent-out item safe, an insurance policy!

A stagnant salary is a worse part when all you can think of is making more money. Take a U-turn and let's get some of your items insured with Rentmoe insurance policy. It's a game-changer for you. You can safely upload your items by trusting our base ground as all listening items are likely to be insured here.

  • Ways to rock and roll the rentsome experience

It’s good to learn you can rent instead of spending more than necessary but how do you know Rentmoe is the right choice for you or even will it work? Making an online profile is rather a precarious task, something you keep doing all the time, so take a cool snap of the intended time, write a unique description, add the rental rate and in the end choose the delivery mode of payment. Tadah! You are done!

  • Making an exception

Sure enough, you have tried to rent things but it didn’t go the right way? What you need is a flawless experience, with potential renters, a howdy profile and unlimited items to survive the day. Renting items is not just a one-time experience, it’s a domino effect for a long, long time.

Nothing can give you more satisfaction than a peculiar junction bridging the gap between the two sides of the coin.

What if a borrowed pair of black stilettos could save your day, would you deny those? Nah!

When you have the facility of retail shops and e-commerce why will you ever go for renting instead of sharing?  With vast expanses opening its mouth and swallowing your entire disposable income (which is a shame) you need to get creative in terms of items. Opting for rent instead of buying is making an impossible feat possible. 

Several reasons conjure in the mind of the client why to use Rentmoe to find the rent-in items. So we have concluded the value-added benefit in two aspects;

  •  As a sidekick to the knight in shining armor – the prospector

Storage only looks good for ice creams, not items

Since how long has it been you had to pay additional tax for a storage place? The better way to make use of such items is to rent items and to have a broader perspective. You will not have to keep moving the items from one storage place to the next and dump them for good. It's better to rent these out if they are in good shape.

Have flexibility like a good crunchie 

You will have the final say in rental details. You have the ease to decide who you want to rent the niche items, for how long uploaded items will be available and so on. You will have the facility to opt for the number of times you can give your item on rent and so on.  If the demand for items increases, you can always increase the rental rate of the items.

How about making a first impression?

You may be renting away some technical tools or heavy materials that require a proper manual to install or to use. If a customer has to buy it firsthand, he will have to learn everything from point zero. Who has enough time in the world to read a manual?

Play the superhero, as you can save the day by showing them with your skill how to operate the machine (tool) and share your expert knowledge as well. Rentmoe is a great platform to communicate with the renter.

 As a damsel in distress – the customer

A heavy wallet is a happy you

Did you run out of your salary again? Or you happened to pay some extra bills you didn't account for? Renting is more about a smart way of using money at a lesser rate. In case you are a small business startup in need of office supplies but can't afford to buy the new items, this is another side of the market you need to cater to.

Partial ownership is THE new thing 

Once you have taken an item on rent, you get to use it with the temporary ownership. But it does not mean that you need to be reckless in using the item (remember you are paying for it!). You do not have to pay for the depreciated amount at all, no high maintenance will be required, so that saves the cost as well.

No jack in the box payment!

You do not need to pay in advance! I repeat no surcharge payments of any sort (except for those mentioned in terms and conditions).

You can pay via cash or through your debit or credit cards, the transactions are easy.

Let the final decision be loud and clear

Before you rent an item you will have to be specific about the period i.e. for how long you will need the product. Rental rates once negotiated are fixed and both parties can’t outdo it, otherwise, you as the customer won't be able to create trust with the prospective renter. 

So, how about now? What do you think?

Rentmoe is all about facilitating people to list their stale items and make a good use out of it.  Rental options come with flexible terms and therefore quite an advantage for both, customer and renter. The appeal of our services is not limited only to the domestic domain but in the industrial sector as well. 

No need to hesitate for queries and negotiating terms.  The lifeline goal is to be able to buy anything, but just in case when you are unable to move mountains Rentmoe as a medium for all renters and customers will be standing tall with the best interest for all.

Rentmoe is here!

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